Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Bathroom Fix

Several months ago, we picked out some hooks to replace the (insufficient) towel rods in our bathrooms.  (Seen here.) Well, last week, I knocked it down.  I reached for a towel after my shower and the darn thing pulled right out of the wall.  I mean, I know I'm strong and all...not.  Apparently the hooks we got were not meant to hold that much weight.
So...we found a replacement.
Here's a little photo recap of how it all went down.
I love it.  The white really pops off the blue walls and even thought the style is totally different than the previous one, it still looks great in the bathroom.  The only negative was that at the same time that this happened, we also had to schedule some dry wall repair as a part of the year warranty on our home.  The repair would be to the drywall, but didn't include painting.  I know, I'm thinking the same thing.  I just didn't see the point in getting out the paint to fix one room when we would just have to drag it out again a few days later for the next room, so I lived without hooks for a few days. In regular life, I would have been totally fine waiting, but in my pregnancy fits, I was getting antsy.  Either way, it is done now, it looks great, and it is solid.  I don't think I'll be knocking this one off the wall anytime soon!

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