Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Confession - this one was technically completed in January, and further completed (is that such a thing?) about three weeks ago.  I have quit not only one part time job, but two!  Can I get an amen?  Haha.
So at the time I wrote the list, I was kind of hoping that a baby would soon follow.  I knew that when we brought kids into our family, they would be my priority and I didn't want to spend every night away.  After working various part time jobs for the past four years, I was ready for some free time back.
As I said, the first quit happened in January.  This was the job I had for the past two years working for the Catholic high school in town coaching their colorguard.  I have to admit, it was really hard to leave the kids I worked with, but this job was a lot of work.  The good part about it was that it was only a heavy time commitment through the fall, but there was planning required during the rest of the year.  Although I was technically done in January, I still had a few things that I needed to do to get the new coach up and running.  I would say I officially cut ties in April.  Fortunately she is amazing and the kids are going to be very lucky to have her.
The second quit was a little harder.  I had worked for the Civic Center, which is a theatre that brings in, among other things, Broadway shows to Des Moines, for the past four seasons.  It was a great job that had the occasional perk of free tickets, and just an overall great staff.  When I first found out I was pregnant, Byron asked me to change my availability to weekends only, which was needed with how tired I became.  Even so, this job occupied pretty much all of my weekends in some way.  The first weekend in May was the closeout of the Broadway season, so I just chose that as a good quitting time.  And although I miss my former coworkers, I have really enjoyed some commitment free weekends. I have approximately 7 more before a new commitment fills all our free time!
So that's it.  I'm down to one full time job, and an *occasional* side job that I do for my church.  Emphasis is really on occasional.  I don't even consider it a job.  I'm practically a normal person!
I know my list needs a lot more attention as time will surely get away from me fast.  I hope to keep checking things off one at a time this summer and into the fall, getting as close to complete as I can before winter sets in and my energy level goes down.  Oh, and did I mention there is a baby coming?  Yeah...I hope I wasn't too ambitious and I can still complete my list.

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