Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nursery Update - the Refinished Dresser

Amidst continued work on the front landscape project, we also managed to complete the dresser for the nursery.  I was super excited about this project.  I was just so anxious about the transformation.  This is the one project that I kept bugging Byron about getting to.  Fortunately for me, there were a few rainy days spattered in there that prevented work on the outside, so this project is now done.
After the dresser was sanded, it only took about two coats of paint.  I never know how many coats something will need, especially when we cover a color with white, but two seems good.  And we didn't go through too much of the paint, which means we can use it for the other five pieces that are still in our basement waiting for their turn to be refinished.
So now that it is done, here is what it looks like in its new space.
It looks so clean and bright.  I am in love with the simple chrome knobs and pulls.  They are sleek and yet appropriately masculine, though if we were having a girl I would have wanted to spring for some bejeweled knobs and pulls like they have at Anthropologie.
As far as what comes next, I definitely want to line the drawers with some pretty fabric or paper.  I am intending to install a changing pad on top of the table and to use the top drawer for all of the necessary diapering supplies that will need to be close at hand.  The other drawers will probably go to clothes, but I haven't exactly figured that out.  I am also still debating what should go above the dresser.  Should I put a mirror for baby to look at himself during diaper changes?  Should I hang some art?  Should I consider shelving?  I would really like some shelving somewhere in the room to keep track of display items and books and stuff, but I am just not sure where they should go.  I guess I'll just have to keep plugging away at the room and hopefully everything will just fall into place.  And of course I am still doing plenty of research for additional inspiration!

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