Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nursery Update - Crib Mattress and Curtain Update

Good news - the crib has a mattress!  We now have a place for little baby Stover to lay his precious little head.  Phew! The mattress and the carseat are the two absolute must haves (aka stress points for this mama) in order to bring a little one home from the hospital.  I mean, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other necessities, but the rest are things I can send Byron or a parent out for while I'm chilling (ha!) in the hospital.  The carseat and the mattress were musts for me, and now that the mattress is in place, there is one less thing for me to stress over.
I was really surprised at how big of an impact it has on the room.  It really makes a difference!
And here is a close up of the crib sheet I found.  Warning - although the color goes great with the rest of the room, it has NOT been washed and is incredibly wrinkly.  All things in time, my friends.
Adorable.  I think I need 4 of these for spares.  Note to self:  update registry.  I also really need to get a move on making a crib skirt.  I feel that in my near future.  Maybe with the long weekend I can get a start on it?
And now for some not as happy news.  Remember the fabric I was testing out for curtains?
Well, before I started cutting and hemming the panels, I thought I should probably test the fabric for length.  I doubled it up and clipped it in place and of course, this is what happened next.
Not so bad here.  Let's zoom in.
Noooooo!  There isn't enough fabric!  I know this isn't precise, but if I were actually doing it I would have to hem both ends, and let's face it, I would end up hating it.  I have another piece of this fabric, but it isn't long enough either.  I guess that's what happens when you buy remnants.  So now the plan is to switch it out with the other fabric I had found for the room.  I doubled up the material and clipped it in, and here is what it looks like.
Again, the curtain panels won't puddle on the ground, but rather I would end them just below the window's trim piece. And there would be two side by side, rather than just the one.  Of course, now that I can't have the cream fabric, now I have my heard set on it.  But the dark print is fun, too, and I'm sure I can learn to love it there.  And now that the dark print will go on the window, that leaves the cream to potentially use on the chair.
First of all, ignore the piles of baby clothes on either side of the chair.  It's garage sale season, and I haven't organized everything et.  Second, I can tell just by looking at it that the lines in this fabric are going to be a beast to keep straight. I can't go having a crooked print, now, can I?  No.  We won't have that.  But seriously now, I need some opinions. Would this print be better on the chair, or better as a crib skirt?  I go back and forth.
So anyway, with the holiday weekend giving me an extra day to work on the house, it would be really nice to get started on the curtain panels (especially because they are going to be so easy!).  I will at least consider it an accomplishment if I get the fabric washed.  That's one step ahead of where I am now.

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