Friday, September 20, 2013


It is time to admit something on this little old blog of mine. It is something that I haven't really mentioned for over a year now, but it is a significant reason why I haven't had much of a chance to do many projects myself. Are you ready to hear what my secret is? I won't hold you off - we are finishing our basement!
And we are pretty much doing it all ourselves. Well, Byron is doing it mostly himself. It has meant that many of our Saturdays and Sundays involve me taking the boy and Byron making progress on our future expanded living area. I think I got the fun job. 
Because we already have a year's (plus) worth of work put into this project, I'm not going to go into a play by play of any part of what we've accomplished so far. Instead, I think I'll give you a bulleted list of what's done and another of what is left to come, as well as let the pictures do the talking. 

  • Frame the exterior walls and the remaining interior walls 
  • Design a half wall to split the two main rooms 
  • Install a service panel dedicated to the basement 
  • Hookup electrical connections (light and power) 
  • Prep rooms for cable hookups 
  • Move the drain in the bathroom to accommodate a tub instead of a shower 
  • Insulate 
I may have missed a few steps, but judging by the amount of time as well as thought that Byron (and maybe a little bit me) have put into this, I know everything has been done with an extremely high level of quality. That man doesn't miss anything. Insulating is what Byron is just wrapping up now. And in my opinion, this step is what has really shown me what it will be like when the space is finished. Our list of things left to tackle is not short, however. 

  • Install drywall
  • Mud, tape, and sand drywall 
  • Tile the bathroom floor 
  • Tile the bathroom shower area 
  • Install bathroom toilet and vanity and run water lines 
  • Install carpet (this will most likely NOT be a DIY) 
  • Install a bank of cabinetry for storage 
  • Paint 
  • Furnish 
  • Decorate (!!!)
And again, there may be a few things that I didn't list that we'll tackle, but you get the picture. Those last few items on the list are what I have been waiting patiently for. Like seriously, I can't wait to decorate! I am eager to share a few of my visions for the space. Warning, a few of my ideas are a little out there. I am really hoping that we can finish things, at least to the point that it is usable, within one more year. I don't care if every last thing is in its place, but it will be nice to let Mason play down there without worrying about the tools that are sitting out (right now the basement is permanently blocked off with a gate). 
So there it is - the secret I haven't talked about. Even in the short time since I started writing this post, we are already almost finished with hanging the drywall, and I think I am going to convince Byron that we might want to hire someone to do the finishing for us.  So who another couple of weeks we could have a few more items checked off our list!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Lately, nothing super special has been going on, but it seems like we have been keeping busy.  We took a little labor day adventure to Union Park which included a picnic lunch, a ride on the Heritage Carousel, and several trips down the rocket slide.
We are about to enroll Mason in a gym class.  Just saying that makes me feel like he is growing up right before my eyes.  I really hope he likes it.  This boy has so much energy that I was just beginning to dread what it would be like for him to be cooped up in the house all winter long, and I had to find a way to get him out and active at least once a week.  I guess gym class is to boys what ballet is to girls, right?
After extreme heat for so long, fall weather is upon us, at least for the past few days, and it feels nice.  It is a welcome change of pace for us as we wrap up all of our exciting summer adventures and get ready for what comes next.  And although I don't usually get too deep on this little blog of mine, I'd like to share a few words that have really resonated with me lately.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths."  Proverbs 3:5-6
These are familiar words to many of us, but they have a new meaning for me.  For some reason when I read these verses, I have always jumped to the part about "he will direct your paths" skipping right over "acknowledge him."  Just as we are entering this season of fall, I am entering a season of life where my focus will be on acknowledging God first in everything that I do.  Yes, he will still direct my paths, but that will be the result of my trust, praise, and acknowledgement.
There might be a shift in focus in this place.  It is obvious that I don't have time for craft projects or sewing or decorating like I used to, but what I do have time for is to reflect on my little life with my little family, and I hope to be able to share it with anyone who chooses to read.

Monday, September 2, 2013


It seems like holiday weekends always kick start my blogging after a break, but this time I ran into a little snag.  We have a mac and I use iphoto to store all my pictures.  And I noticed on Friday when I went to import some pictures that it was gone. How an application just disappears is surely beyond me, but it did.  After a couple of days of trying to figure out how to fix it ourselves online, we resorted to making an appointment at our local Apple store.  30 minutes later, they had us fixed up and back in business.  I tell you that only because that is the reason I don't have anything good to share today.  But I do have something quick that I whipped up for the boy to play with. You may have seen it on Pinterest, since that is where I stole it from found my inspiration.
It's basically a matching game for him to practice his colors, but the clothes pin also help him work on his fine motor skills as well.  It keeps him busy for a few minutes, which is pretty much an hour in toddler time.  At least with my toddler!
Hopefully my computer woes are over and I can get back to sharing more of our summer as it comes to a close.