Wednesday, August 22, 2012


For health reasons, I ended up with an unexpected day off from work.  I decided that it would be a day where I get my life organized and tie up as many loose ends as possible. So far, I've been writing thank you cards (only a month overdue), I trimmed up the quilt I'm making for Mason, I put away the laundry that had been folded in laundry baskets for three days, and I shredded the stack of papers that had been accumulating on the shredder.  For the rest of the day, I plan to check off as many tasks on my to do list as possible, as well as take some much needed time for myself.
Another quick thing I managed to do today was to go outside and snip some zinnias from my garden for a little added freshness for the house.  I put them in my favorite jar for added happiness.
The zinnias were actually sort of a surprise.  My mom and I had planted them from seeds, but then later my husband, without knowing we had done it, planted some other plants in the same spot.  I really thought the zinnias were goners, but sure enough, after forgetting about them for two months, there is a whole bush of them, pink as can be.
The sign in the background is a little something that I found in Michigan and surprised Byron with for our Fathers Day on the road.  I may have teared up when I gave it to him. Apparently I was a bit emotional.  And he may have teared up when I gave it to him, so apparently he was a bit emotional as well!