Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We are saving pretty aggressively for this adoption, which means any spending beyond necessities and birthdays is virtually non-existent.  But IF I were to go on a shopping spree right now, here's what would end up coming home with me.
First up, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush.  I am obsessed with makeup lately.  Which is funny, really, because I generally have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to putting on makeup.  However, I have channelled my inner teenager and have been watching YouTube videos about makeup like nobody's business.  I may need an intervention here.  But anyway, one thing I've learned from my research is that this is basically the blush of all blushes here.  So of course, I want to try it.  I believe the color I have here is called Captivating.  How fun is that?
And while I'm on the topic of beauty products, here is another one I've been wanting to try - NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel.  I am not generally a lip color gal (mostly because I'm insecure) but these seem to be a light and sheer option.  And since I'm feeling bolder with my makeup choices, I thought I could venture out just a smidge.  I am expecting this to be more like a lip gloss than a lip stick.  I guess if I ever get it I'll let you know (though this is pretty inexpensive so there is a chance I could make the exception and try this one!).
Moving on to a home related item, isn't this shelf just the cutest?  It's the Universal Expert Beech Wood shelf from West Elm. (On a side note, do you remember the episode of Friends where Rachel and Ross are obsessed with Pottery Barn and they keep telling Phoebe they have bought antiques from the time period of Yore?  Ross says something like "It's the rustic bird cage, large."  I just reminded myself of him telling you what that product was called.  I could have gone on to say it was the "small".  I will just go ahead and say what you are all thinking.  Dork.  There, that's better, and let's move on.)  I am picturing it under my cabinets right next to my coffee pot, with my sugar bowl on top and my two favorite coffee mugs hanging underneath.  I am desperately trying to curb counter clutter.  Hopefully this would help me and not just give me another surface to stack stuff on.  Regardless, it is simply adorable!
Up next is this darling jacket.  Apparently, Loft now has a new brand they carry called Lou & Grey.  It is basically the brand of my dreams.  It's a cross between work appropriate and casual in a light color palette that works on us pale girls.  If I wear black I always fear I look like Wednesday Addams.  And additionally, I was just thinking I would like a jacket nearly identical to this one, and the next day poof it appears on the internet available for purchase.  So we can infer here that I possibly have magical powers and if you'd like me to imagine anything for you, I happily will.  I kid, I kid.  Did I mention I am getting over a cold?  That could be the reason that I am so odd today.  That, or it's just my normal.
Here is the last item in my virtual shopping bag.  It's a beeswax candle.  I had actually heard recently that beeswax candles can help relieve allergies.  Is that true?  I have no idea but I have crazy allergies that are going to start bothering me in about a month (right about the time the weather gets BEATIFUL.  Yeah, thanks for that, nose.)  I am always up for trying things that will help me find relief from my itchy eyes.  They are the worst.  This particular candle is probably more than I would actually spend, um, ever, but the packaging was cute.  And since this shopping trip is purely virtual, I can do that.

So those are my picks.  Have I inspired you to try any of them?  Or maybe put together a list of your own?  If so, have fun and happy shopping.  I will tell you we are in the middle of preparing for the world's largest garage sale (okay, exaggerating a bit).  It is our first fundraiser for our adoption and though it might kill me, I'm super excited about it and will give an update on how it went in a couple of weeks.  Right now, I'm just praying for no rain and for people to show up!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We had a jam-packed Easter weekend, full of some really great family time.  By Sunday night, we were exhausted!  I don't have a lot of words to describe everything, but here is a quick recap.

Friday night, I honestly don't remember.  Nothing too special, I guess.

Saturday morning we did errands and played at the park.

Saturday night our niece Jessica got married.  The wedding was at Hoyt Sherman Place and the reception was at West End Salvage.  It was all very "them."  Mason did so well during the wedding and reception, though he did have help from his favorite big cousins...and Angry Birds.  Three of our nephews stayed over with us that night, so yes, it was me in the house with five guys.

Sunday morning Byron took the big boys to help him set up at church, then we enjoyed a nice service.

Sunday afternoon we had an Easter meal with Byron's family, and we left stuffed.

Sunday night we made lunch with my parents and celebrated my mom's birthday with Cheesecake Factory dessert.  We left even more stuffed.

I didn't get many good pictures of the weekend in general, but I did manage to get some really great pictures of the boy. And we really just want to look at those pictures and say how handsome he is, right?
Okay okay I know that's a lot of photos.  But he just makes my heart soar!  He is a little boy that is constantly on the move, so these action shots really represent him.  And while I'm sharing photos, here's one I took of the birthday girl.  Isn't she beautiful?

Friday, April 18, 2014


My sewing machine had been silent for awhile, and recently I just had the urge to create something. Somewhere in the online realm I came across this bag and I knew I wanted to make something like it for Mason.  I figured out a rough pattern and a about an hour later (generally spent 20 minutes at a time spread over three sessions) I had this!
I didn't take any photos along the way and this is by no means a tutorial, but if you are wanting to make something similar, here are a few tips.
1.  Embroidering the face is one of the first steps you will do.  It probably helps to use an embroidery hoop, but I do not have one so I just went for it.  To secure it, I used a fusible lining that I ironed on to the back.
2.  If I were doing this again, I would have stabilized the sides and bottom of the bag with something sturdier.  I used a few scraps of fusible lining, but it was pretty light and just what I happened to have around.  The ears actually stand up by themselves, but since the bag is not structured, they tend to fall over.
3.  When you are sewing it all together, pin the crap out of that bad boy to help all the seams line up properly.
Even without a pattern (or much of a plan for that matter) this project was super simple and now I have the urge to keep creating!