Friday, April 18, 2014


My sewing machine had been silent for awhile, and recently I just had the urge to create something. Somewhere in the online realm I came across this bag and I knew I wanted to make something like it for Mason.  I figured out a rough pattern and a about an hour later (generally spent 20 minutes at a time spread over three sessions) I had this!
I didn't take any photos along the way and this is by no means a tutorial, but if you are wanting to make something similar, here are a few tips.
1.  Embroidering the face is one of the first steps you will do.  It probably helps to use an embroidery hoop, but I do not have one so I just went for it.  To secure it, I used a fusible lining that I ironed on to the back.
2.  If I were doing this again, I would have stabilized the sides and bottom of the bag with something sturdier.  I used a few scraps of fusible lining, but it was pretty light and just what I happened to have around.  The ears actually stand up by themselves, but since the bag is not structured, they tend to fall over.
3.  When you are sewing it all together, pin the crap out of that bad boy to help all the seams line up properly.
Even without a pattern (or much of a plan for that matter) this project was super simple and now I have the urge to keep creating!

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