Tuesday, June 26, 2012


When Byron and I were first dating, we discovered an unusual thing.  That is, that my family and his best friend hail from the same corner of the world.  More recently, we discovered that our nephew's fiance just so happens to be from the same place as well.  So when Logan and Brigitte got engaged, we decided to use their wedding as a chance to plan a family vacation, one I like to call the Stover Family Tour de Michigan.  We would be able to introduce Mason to family and friends, as well as do some fun stuff with the boy.  So that's what we did!  We just returned from about 9 days away.
The first part of the trip was spent in Western Michigan.  We attended Logan and Brigitte's wedding, which was right on the beach.  Of course, being new parents who are obsessed with our own, we took more pictures of Mason than of anything else. This is him in his handsome chambray wedding shirt.

We crammed in as much as we could during the few days we were in western Michigan. We took a trip to the Frederik Meijer Gardens.  A few days before our trip, I noticed Mason was starting to reach for the faucet any time I had the water on.  This little excursion confirmed my suspicion that this kid truly loves water.  It was the highlight of his trip!
Later that weekend, some of my relatives from Detroit (who we would be seeing later in the week) met us in Grand Haven and we enjoyed more water!
Another thing we got to do was introduce Mason to my grandfather for the first time.  Here is a nice little family photo.  This is my mom's dad (oh, did I mention my parents were there, too?)
The last thing we did in western Michigan was to go to the zoo with our friends.  And...I didn't bring my camera.  To summarize our zoo experience, a bird pooped on my head, I rode a camel, Byron petted a sting ray, and Mason didn't really notice the animals much, though he loved the waterfall (go figure).
The second half of the vacation was spent visiting our other relatives, who as I mentioned, live outside of Detroit.  During this part of the trip, we crammed in as very little as possible...my kind of vacation.  We tried to sleep in, though that is nearly impossible with an 11 month old who doesn't quite understand the concept of "summer vacation".  The major perk we got to enjoy was that my aunt and uncle have a pool.  It was so great! Guess who else thought so.  Yep, Mason.
The rest of the time was full of swimming, jumping on the trampoline, scootering, eating ice cream, shopping, and frothing coffee (I may have been addicted to that last one - I'm so getting a frother!).  We even got to see a neighborhood house fire, which I admit is very tragic and unfortunate but I have never seen anything like that in person before.  Mason did, however, want to end vacation with a bang, so the Friday before we returned home he sprouted a 102.8 degree fever, which later led to the diagnosis of two ear infections.  Of course they were his first, and we were miles from home, but we managed to find a great walk in clinic and pharmacy close by.  Phew!
Now that we are back at home (and ironically rested up) we can't wait to plan a vacation for next year.
And next time, I'll hopefully get more pictures!  Although if I had to take too many photos of any one subject, I guess I'm glad it was Mason!