Monday, September 2, 2013


It seems like holiday weekends always kick start my blogging after a break, but this time I ran into a little snag.  We have a mac and I use iphoto to store all my pictures.  And I noticed on Friday when I went to import some pictures that it was gone. How an application just disappears is surely beyond me, but it did.  After a couple of days of trying to figure out how to fix it ourselves online, we resorted to making an appointment at our local Apple store.  30 minutes later, they had us fixed up and back in business.  I tell you that only because that is the reason I don't have anything good to share today.  But I do have something quick that I whipped up for the boy to play with. You may have seen it on Pinterest, since that is where I stole it from found my inspiration.
It's basically a matching game for him to practice his colors, but the clothes pin also help him work on his fine motor skills as well.  It keeps him busy for a few minutes, which is pretty much an hour in toddler time.  At least with my toddler!
Hopefully my computer woes are over and I can get back to sharing more of our summer as it comes to a close.

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