Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy 100

Can you believe it?  I have made it to 100 blog posts.  Alright, technically 101 since our little bundle of joy arrived before I could finish this post.  In some ways, this seems like I should have hit 100 a long time ago, but in most ways, I feel like this is still such a baby blog.  I am learning so much, not only through the projects about my house, but about the commitment to maintaining a blog!  Wow - can any of you relate to that statement?
In honor of this post, I have decided to recap my top ten favorite projects/posts that I have written about so far.  Some of them might be recent and some are from a while back, but they have all been special or fun for me.  Here they are, in reverse order.

10.  This really bad joke.
I forgot about it until I was perusing my own archives.  And then it hit my how funny I *still* think it is.  Apologies for those disappointed that this is not a home or crafting related item.  But congratulations to those of you who can work this into your conversation sometime soon.

9.  Finding fashion inspiration - even if it comes from an 11 year old.

8.  Corking the Cabinets.
This project was inspired by my favorite folks here.  And you wouldn't believe how handy it is.  My mother even copied me.  It helps folks that struggle with clutter (like me) to have a place that isn't really seen to stow away junk like receipts and coupons, and it is great for folks like my mother (total neat freaks) who can't stand anything left out on the counter.

7.  Monogram art.
This project was so quick and so fun.  I love it because I made it especially for my little guy, but it would be such a great baby shower or children's birthday gift.  Hey, it could even be a cool gift for just the right adult, too.

6.  Purging 100 items.
Purging 100 items really made me feel like I accomplished something.  As I think now about how many baby items have recently come into our home (here's a hint - way more than 100), it reaffirms what I had been thinking at the time of my purge - that I want to make this an annual thing.  For a junk hoarder like me, this was a stretch, but I am really proud that I made my goal.

5.  Homemade Skirts.
I plan to make more of these as soon s I have my waist back!

4.  The Scrappy Baby Quilt.
I had no pattern whatsoever and just a very loose plan.  And I loved the result.  I'm actually in the cutting phase to make another baby quilt, which I can't wait to do.  As easy as these are to make, I'm disappointed that I've only made one this past year.

3.  Upgrading the light fixture.
This is the first light fixture we upgraded in the house, and it really adds the modern spin that I'm after.  Because we moved into a brand new house, there really isn't a problem with any of the other light fixtures (or fixtures in general), but changing out builder basic is so simple and so rewarding.  The soon-to-be littlest Stover gets the coolest details in his room.  Although budget is ultimately going to dictate the pace of this, I hope to upgrade other fixtures in the house in the future.

2.  The paint chip art.
This project was completely inspired by her.  It was free, since I already had the frame.  And it was fun, since you can pull together ANY colors from other places in your home.  I know yellow, orange, and pink aren't everyone's go to colors, but I needed another pop of bright colors like this to pull from the furniture and accessories of the living room.  Plus, like the names of nail polishes, I just like reading the names of the paint chips as I walk by.  I'm a dork like that.

1.  The alphabet blocks.
This was truly a labor of love, since it took my quite a while to actually finish them.  However, this was the first project that I created and executed entirely out of my own mind, figuring things out as I went.  (Although I know you can find similar projects out there on the internet, I didn't reference any of them during my process.)  And on top of it, I showed you step by step exactly how to make your own.  Have any of you made them?  I really want to do this again for my own little one, but I haven't quite mustered up the energy yet.  Soon.  I'll find a way.

The honorable mention goes out to the landscaping project that we have done out in the front of our yard this year, but the reason I didn't include it is because we are still making some final adjustments.  The thing that takes the most time is cutting the capstones.  We are over halfway there, but, as I've said before, just bear with us - doing it the right way is time consuming.
I can't wait to see what will happen around here in the next 100 posts - small changes, big changes, only time will tell what lies ahead.

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