Saturday, July 3, 2010

Popping In the Cork

A few weeks ago, the night before we left to go to Florida to be exact, I got some ants in my pants.  I had to do a project, and I had to do it right then.  I had just read this post and I knew that it was probably written specifically for me.  Since we had moved in four months ago, I had not really revisited my kitchen cabinets, where in a hurry to get settled, everything was pretty much just thrown in wherever a space could be found.
I was dealing with a limited amount of time before I was to be gone for a week, so it would be safe to say here that the kitchen cabinets still have not been organized.  But the one thing I did do before I left was to install cork board on the inside of my kitchen cabinet doors.  This is such a genius idea - I don't know why I didn't think of this myself.
So off we went to Target, and picked up a package of these:
They even came with their own adhesive, which was basically just double sided tape and really easy to use.  My kitchen cabinets have a ridge on both the inside and outside, so I just measured the inside of the ridge, cut the cork to size, and really just popped it into place!  I went from this
to this
in abut 10-15 minutes.  I have also taken much of the junk that manages to clutter the side of my refrigerator like coupons, reminders, and recipes, and conceal them out of sight.  The good thing is they are still within easy reach.  The side of my refrigerator definitely thanks me.
Please ignore the clutter inside the cabinet.  Like I said, that part is still on my to do list!

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