Friday, July 23, 2010

Rugs Revisited

So...a few of you have asked if I have made any progress on choosing a rug.  The answer, sadly, is no.  I do know one thing, and that is that Option 4 officially got the boot.  And since that seems to be the only rug that people commented on, you may be thinking to yourself "What exactly is going on in that mind of hers?"  Well, let me tell you.
I just like the stripes.  And I like the beachy feel that the striped rugs give.  My mom, for example (yes I'm outing you), just doesn't get beachy.  She was concerned that the striped rugs might not be the right weight for the room.  So I thought to myself, beachy is what I am going for now...but what happens when it is 0 degrees this winter?  Will I still be going for beachy?  The jury is out.
Which also means, I'm still on my search for the perfect rug.  Enter West Elm.  I found a couple of new options that I wanted to try out in my virtual living room, but since one of my new options is apparently no longer available, I will now present to you Option 5.
I'll admit, the picture makes the rug look 1,000 feet long.  I assure you, it will only be a 9x12.  At first I thought that bringing in the gray would add another color to my already colorful living room.  But, after looking at the manufacturer's photos, I see a lot of the same colors in their pictures - steely gray blue, yellow, blond wood, etc.  I really think it could work.  Will I get the nerve and buy it?  Cross your fingers!

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