Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Goals

A new month with new things in store.  Before I look forward to the new month, though, let's check and see how I did on my June goals.
1.  Take the dog (and myself) on at least 15 walks.  This didn't go so well.  I think I only went on 6 or 7 walks.  I know this isn't a place for excuses, but I had a little trouble in this area.  You see, my feet have swollen into small tree trunks. I have actual fat rolls on my cankles.  By the time I get home from work, my feet are so sore and I just can't bring myself to walk a mile around the neighborhood.  I have high hopes for other goals of this type as soon as the swelling is gone.
2.  Hem the bedroom curtains.  I did not do this.  No excuse.
3.  Finish the nursery curtains.  Woo hoo!  This snuck in at just the last minute.  I have pictures and will post soon.  Of course, my one little disclaimer is that they are not hemmed yet (are you surprised?).  Do I smell a July goal?
4.  Line the nursery dresser drawers with fun paper.  Couldn't find any fun paper.  Anywhere.  I'll keep looking.
5.  Plant at least 3 more things in the front flower bed.  As I shared, I planted two.  This is a partial success, but I hope to have the third one planted shortly.  It will be partial cheating because it will be in a pot on the porch, but it will still make the area look nice.  We are edging our way towards complete.

6.  Visit the sculpture garden and the Art Festival with Byron.  Uh, I went to the art festival.  With my sister.  I had such high hopes of finding a little piece to actually purchase, maybe for the baby, and was really disappointed.  I couldn't find anything under $100, and even those prints were at least 8x10 if not 11x14 or larger.  So it was a little disappointing but still fun.  And I totally skipped the sculpture garden, so I can't check it off my list just yet.
7.  Read 50 pages in "Through Painted Deserts" (I try to be a reader, really I do!)  Woo hoo!  This is a big fat complete. In fact, I actually read 66 pages.  To you readers, this is abysmal, but for me this is definite progress.  Keep it up, Katie!
8.  Make a clothing drop at Goodwill.  Done.  Technically this happened last night, but it is so close I'm just going to count it.  The trunk of my car thanks me for getting this done, too.
9.  Find a pretty pillow case to use at the hospital.  Failed.  I looked a few times, but I didn't find anything perfect.  I suppose I'll have to intensify my search if I really want this.

Overall I think I did so-so on my goals for June.  I didn't complete everything, but I did get some good things done that have been hanging over my head for awhile, so that feels great.  As for July, my goals are going to be a little less aggressive, since there is one major goal topping the list.  Here they are.
1.  Have a baby.
2.  Read 50 pages in "Through Painted Deserts".
3.  Go on 15 walks (despite having swollen feet and ankles - walking can help with labor!)
4.  Finish cutting out quilt pieces.
5.  Finish thank you notes (I had 4 showers last month!)
And although I could keep going, I think I'm going to cut it short there.  I expect that goal #1 is going to take much of my time this month, since once I complete it, I am only actually beginning the work!  Good luck to any of you who have monthly goals.  May we all be prosperous!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow! Sounds like a successful month with another great month upcoming. If you get #1 done, which you will, I say it's beyond successful. ;)