Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

What do you call it when you meet two thirds of a goal?  Can you actually cross it off your list?  Maybe I can strike it two thirds of the way through.  But anyway, that's neither here nor there.  Let me just get to the point.
There are some new friends living in my garden.  And, this time, I actually planted them all by myself.  Last night, Byron and I went to Lowe's to pick up some random things, and I convinced him to walk through the plant section.  He was pretty tired, so we didn't do a very thorough search through everything like I was kind of hoping for.  Actually, it wasn't so much a thorough search as a deal on perennials that I was searching for.  In the few minutes I browsed, I didn't find anything that jumped out at me, so we settled for two little annuals.  Byron picked them both out himself, too!
Let me introduce you to our first addition, geranium.  This one is going to bloom pink buds.  If you look at the second photo, you can just see them.
Our second addition is something I had never heard of.  It's called fentas.  It will also bloom pink buds.  I'm excited for this one, because it appears that the buds are going to be pretty dense.  I hope it turns out as pretty as the picture on the tag.
Don't spend too much time looking at these pictures or you will notice the weeds growing in the background.  I'll get to those, I promise.
Technically, I only have two new plants for my garden.  However, living inside my home is this lovely little lady.
I have been instructed to plant this in my garden as well, but I'm just a little hesitant, and here's why.  Our garden is on the West side of our house, and anything I plant there is going to get drenched in the afternoon and evening sun.  The tag on this little guy says that it does best in indirect sunlight.  So although I love it, I don't want it to meet its instant death in our garden.  I think I can plant it in a pot to sit on my front porch, which is covered, and as long as I water it like crazy, it should be fine.  That is my plan, but due to another upcoming porch project, this will have to wait a few more days.
Two new plants in our garden, to do exactly what Byron likes - add color!  The little garden will probably be a work in progress well into next year, but we are learning some things and it is really taking shape.  Before I sign off for the night, I'll share a couple of updated photos of the flowers we planted earlier this year.  A couple of the blooms on the coneflowers (middle picture) have already turned pink.


C.T. said...

Katie, love the gardening posts. Want to see more pics. Regarding the weeds... we just re-did the front of our house as well and my super-pro gardening in-laws told us to always use a pre-emergent herbicide when you put in a new garden (we used Preen). This is as long as you aren't doing anything from seed. If you plant stuff that's already growing the herbicide won't harm them. Also a layer of mulch will slow down the weeds and perserve moisture for the good guys.

Katie said...

Thanks! I wish I had more time to get some stuff in, although with how hot it is getting, I might just have to wait until fall. The Preen is a great suggestion - we'll definitely look into it!