Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm going to call this one officially done.  Mostly because we hit a couple of snags before the finish (mostly our real jobs requiring OT), but also because I feel if I dragged it out any longer it would get awfully repetitive.  The official goal was "plant flowers in front of the porch", and although there is room for a few more, ladies and gentlemen, we have flowers.

I am so proud of both Byron and myself for our work on this project.  Byron did ALL of the heavy lifting and manual labor.  I am also proud that between the two of us we didn't want to kill each other in the process.  We just both wanted this project to look perfect, and sometimes our way of communicating with each other takes a few unnecessary winds. Usually, and this time is no exception, we end up in a good place.
We also had help from my mom with this project, since my current condition doesn't exactly make bending down one of my strengths.  We got several plants for free from a coworker of hers and she donated some of the extras that she purchased and didn't need, as well as dug the holes, planted them, and helped me to place them.  I am also expecting some flowers from a coworker of mine, so I should only have to buy 3-5 things for myself, maybe even less.  I do have plans to add tulip bulbs in the fall, because what kind of good little Dutch girl would I be if I didn't plant tulips?
Truly, we still just have to glue the top layer of brick down, fill in a few more plants, and learn how to enjoy the view, but since those remaining items don't really change what people see as they walk or drive by, we are done.  Now comes the challenge of developing my green thumb!

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C.T. said...

Tip o' the cap to Byron on the wall. Looks professional. Excited to see the garden grow up.