Friday, June 17, 2011

Boom, Roasted!

I've been absent.  The reason?  Well, there are two.   The first is that I took a weekend to head up to Detroit to celebrate my cousin's graduation from high school.  The other is that I've just been tired.  I'm 8 months pregnant.  What do you expect?
Well, I'm back, and I want to share a little bit of our gradutation party experience.  I've been to many different graduation parties in the past, but this one held an experience that definitely was a first for me.  Before I give you the big reveal, let me start by setting the scene of the party.
How I wish that was my backyard.  Had it not been chilly and drizzly, I would have jumped in that pool in a heartbeat. But unfortunately I am still a baby and afraid to be wet and cold.  But it looked beautiful nonetheless.  And here are all the women in the kitchen waiting for the festivities to begin.  (The guest of honor, Lulu, is in the maroon sweatshirt!)
But once the party started, here's what really stole the show - my Uncle Oscar roasted an entire hog.
There's the graduate again, this time in green.
What an appropriate t-shirt choice, Oscar!
Let me just say, this pig was yummy!  Here's one boy who definitely enjoyed it.
Unfortunately, this budding photographer did a terrible job of documenting the affair.  In fact, I think I only made it into one photograph.
And don't worry, none of the alcohol at the party was consumed by me.
I do just have to give a shout out to this girl.
She took one for the team by getting thrown into the pool not once, but twice, by a certain husband of mine.  Thanks for not hating us, Lanes!
We had such a good time visiting with family and friends.  The lesson I learned here is that I need to work on the 'documenting of important events'.  I can't believe I escaped missing pictures of so many fabulous people!  At least I have the memories.

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