Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Goals

Breaking down a large to do list into smaller chunks always makes one feel like progress is more attainable.  Right? Well, I think so anyway.  I've decided to jump on the band wagon of publishing some of my monthly goals, with the intent to check in next month not only to see how I did, but also to publish new goals for next month.  (Here are some of my role models.)  If I never return to do that, I've officially fallen OFF said band wagon.
Without further ado, here are my goals for June.
1.  Take the dog (and myself) on at least 15 walks.
2.  Hem the bedroom curtains.
3.  Finish the nursery curtains.
4.  Line the nursery dresser drawers with fun paper.
5.  Plant at least 3 more things in the front flower bed.
6.  Visit the sculpture garden and the Art Festival with Byron.
7.  Read 50 pages in "Through Painted Deserts" (I try to be a reader, really I do!)
8.  Make a clothing drop at Goodwill.
9.  Find a pretty pillow case to use at the hospital.
Nothing too aggressive, and nothing that costs a lot of money, either.  I have been meaning to get to most of these things anyway, so I hope this will provide the extra motivation to get them done and checked off my list.  Here I go!

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