Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Hate the Animal Planet

Let me give you a quick status update.  I finished 16 of the 24 flag that needed to be done by last night, so I still have 8 to go by next Friday.  I owe a huge thank you to my friend Lindsey who came over and saved me.  I woke up really early this morning (6:00 am on a SATURDAY!  Okay, so that's only 30 minutes early for me...I'm being dramatic) to take the guard to their first competition, only to find out 15 minutes later that it was cancelled due to the rain.  I'm a little disappointed, a little relieved.
So since I was up anyway, I just started in on my regular Saturday morning routine - pick up the kitchen, watch some of the HGTV episodes on the DVR, and just generally move slowly.  I had just finished watching an episode of Income Property, and instead of picking a new episode to watch I just let the TV resume on the channel that it was on.  Big mistake.
It was an animal show called Rebel Monkeys.  Little baby monkey TJ was climbing up on a power line looking for his mother when he accidentally climbed on the live wire and got electrocuted and fell to the ground.  He was just laying there in a pile of trash limp and in pain and I even think he was crying.  He laid there all night.  So of course, I immediately start crying.  Sobbing.  Bawling.  It was a bit much but my heart was and still is broken.  Fortunately a man wrapped him up in a blanket and took him to the animal hospital, but the streets of India were so crowded that the narrator of the show wasn't sure if they could make it in time.  Then they switched to a new scene where some monkeys were about to gang up on each other in a street fight when I couldn't take it anymore and changed the channel.
So there I sat on the couch, hating all animal shows.  They are the only things that give me nightmares, by the way.  Byron walked into the room.  I was still sobbing.  He asked what was wrong, and as I agonizingly cried through the recap to him, I a) felt like an idiot for getting so upset at ANIMAL SHOWS and b) could not stop crying.
There is still a good portion of the day ahead of me.  I am going to try to move past this.  And I am going to add the Animal Planet (and Net Geo Wild, etc.) to the "blocked channels" on my TV.

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