Sunday, September 19, 2010

Honey-Do List

As I am sure many married couples can relate to, especially ones that have either been together for a long time or else are low key like us, dates come in all forms.  Recently, we decided to go out on a date.  To Lowe's.  At 1:00 PM on a Sunday afternoon.  No, it's not the most romantic day, time, place, or concept, but it worked for us.  What was our mission?  Nothing really.  We just strolled around the store and talked about projects that we want to do around the house.  And since I had my camera in my purse like I usually do, we decided to document it.  And now, for you're reading pleasure, I present to you my "Honey-Do List."
***NOTE***  I just want to say that I consider BOTH Byron and myself to equally represent "Honey".
1.  Tiled Backsplash
I would LOVE a tile backsplash in our kitchen.  I hate our current mini-backsplash.  To me, it is just a joke and had I realized that our builders were going to do that I would have specifically asked them not to.  I learned my lesson too late.  I would much rather have a full backsplash in something like this.
I believe the upper left is some form of marble, the upper right and lower left are some type of stone, and the lower right is again some type of marble, but I can't confirm that.  I have been watching a LOT of Sarah's House on HGTV.  Sarah loves marble.  I love Sarah.  Therefore, I must love marble, too, although if I did go with marble, I think I'm leaning toward the more traditional (on the upper left) than the version with the black (lower right).  Our cabinets are white and the granite is lighter, but still multi-colored.  Would adding a marble backsplash leave the kitchen too white?  Well, the one thing I learned from this trip is that I definitely favor the brick pattern.
2.  Organized Bathroom Cupboards
I think I've already admitted how messy I am, especially in the bathroom.  I have basically overtaken what little counter space we have, and unfortunately I am too embarrassed about it to show any pictures at this time.  But wouldn't it be amazing if I could have one of these?  Or even two?
At $84.97, this is no cheap storage solution.  And I'm a cheapskate spread out the expenses type of girl, so I'm thinking this will get put on my after Christmas to do list.  My side of the bathroom will be the first recipient, but I would like to get one for Byron's side eventually too.  That way, I can have the two shelves on my side, the entire middle cabinet, and one shelf on his side, and he can have one shelf, too.  Haha.  It's not that bad, really, I just don't wake up looking as naturally beautiful as he does.
3.  Fancy Door Hardware
I have no reasoning for this.  I'm just drawn to it.  I would also like to paint the front door a bright, poppy color (I'm leaning toward a muted pumpkin, which would make the brick pop).  Right now the front door is a taupey-brown color.
4.  Double Decker Closet Storage
We have a big closet.  It is big enough to hold all of our clothes, especially because we are pretty simple people and don't go clothes crazy, plus we I have a dresser in the bedroom.  But what the house lacks is good storage throughout.  If we built our closet shelving up, we would have additional space to store the type of items that we don't have to access frequently, yet we don't want to store all the way in the basement.  Extra linens from our overflowing linen closet or some of our off season coats and jackets are just the type of things I have in mind.
You may have noticed that I just showed you a picture of garage shelving.  Yes, we need that too, and yes, it is just a little different that what I would choose for the closet, but you get the idea, right?
5.  Bedroom Sitting Area
We have a nearly empty wall in our bedroom.
It would be the perfect place to recreate something like this.
Image found here.
We already have a chair that we like.  Look what they have at Lowe's.  I don't know if you can see it from the picture, but it is a really great price for a mirror that big.
6.  Layered Window Treatments
I really love the look of bamboo blinds + curtains.  I have seen them many places scattered throughout the web.  I almost have all the windows curtained (enough already, I know), so the next step would just be to add the bamboo.  If we did that, would we then be bamboozled?  Groan.
That's it, for now.  We had a great time, even if it wasn't our most romantic date.  And we didn't leave empty handed, either.  Byron decided we could get a treat!
In case you didn't remember, it was white (and bent) before.  With every change, even the little ones, I love my house more and more.

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