Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Six Dollars and Six Minutes

Remember when I declared my 2011 resolution to be all about organization?  Well here is a quick update that I had been wanting to do for a long time yet finally got around to.  Do you recognize this?
Well, the ironing board hanging from the bottom probably gives it away.  Yep - it's a contraption to store your iron and ironing board.  I had always just put our iron high up on a shelf in this closet and shoved the ironing board in it wherever it would stay put.  Now there is a designated place!  We picked up this contraption (what would you call it?) at Target for around six dollars, and like my post title says, we put it up in about six minutes.  Easy peasy.  The contraption came with the screws to hang it, but because Byron is very cautious about hanging things, we used some wall anchors that we had on hand.  You can see the screws in the picture above, and we really just eyeballed it.  That is a big step for me, because I measure EVERYTHING!  Once we had the anchors and screws in the wall, we just hung the ironing board as you've seen, and then the iron.
Not only was this a really quick and cheap fix, but there was an added bonus in that I gained back some space in the closet.  Now everything (including the vacuum - yay!) fits in much more easily.  I even have room to acquire new junk to store!  Just kidding.
Have any of you done any really quick and simple projects lately?  They aren't life changing or anything, but you gotta love the instant gratification they bring!

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