Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Resolution

Now that we are a week or so into 2011, I'm going to announce my official 2011 resolution.  I have actually known what my resolution would be since mid-2010 and I've been saving it just for the new year.  I know that sounds silly...if I already knew what I was going to resolve, why didn't I just make an August resolution or something like that?  I don't know.  Maybe because I procrastinate.  But anyway.  The time has come NOW.  My 2011 resolution is to...BE MORE ORGANIZED!
In my life, I definitely put out the "I'm organized" vibe, but open some of my closet doors and kitchen drawers and you will see a big mess.  I am a magnet for clutter.  I just can't stay on top of it.  I want to be in control of the goings on of my home, and honestly, my life.
So how will I be more organized this year?  Here are some ideas that represent organization to me.  I may not stick to all of these 100%, and some more ideas will be added to the list I'm sure, but here is where I'm at right now:
* Sort through mail regularly and don't let it pile up
* Reduce clutter - I would like to get rid of at least 100 things in the next month or so
* Clean more frequently (and take the burden off my wonderful husband who does it now!)
* Plan meals in advance
* Finish the projects that I start
* Be more prepared for holidays
* Do not store junk in the guest room closet
* Sort through our moving boxes that are still packed in the basement
So that's it.  This is the year that I will be organized.  Think I can stick to it?  I hope so.  Time will tell, but for right now, I'm off to sort through my closet.

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