Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My First Purge

First of all, let me just say that purge is not a very pretty word.  But it makes me feel so good.  It makes me feel so good when I get rid of things, that is.  I cleansed my closet.  This is something that is not very easy for me, because for some reason, I think that if I get rid of an item of clothing, even the ones I never wear, I feel like I am severely limiting my clothing options.  To write that down actually sounds silly, and I don't know if the point is really coming across or not, but for whatever reason it's how I feel.  So anyway, I went through my closet with a serious goal of purging, and here is the result:
What felt like a huge pile to me ended up being only 24 items.  These items were either things that didn't fit right, weren't my style, or were worn out.  And even though they were extremely hard for me to part with, in the end, it made me feel much better about what I got to keep.  And on top of that, I started to organize my closet, and could actually see what was in it much better.  I bundled these items up and will be dropping them off at Goodwill on my next trip.  Woo hoo!
And...just for the record I tossed/recycled two other items (my husband would definitely call them pieces of junk) that were taking up space in the guest room closet.  I am definitely counting this as a small victory, too.
So chalk this up to the first move toward making my new years resolution a reality.  I only need to repeat this process like 50 more times and I might just consider myself on top of things!

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