Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big Deal Around Here

I made another small update to our home.  But it's a big statement.  I have been a fan of Lindsay for a long time, and I love the creative ideas that she always comes up with for her prints.  I read about this print that she made for her son, and when she offered it in her shop, I knew I had to have it.
There was just one problem.  The cost.  The print itself was only $25, but shipping from Canada to the US was also going to be $25.  I was just too cheap to shell out $50 for it.  For some reason, I checked her shop randomly a few weeks ago, and she was running a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' sale.  And on top of it, there was a smaller version (8 x 10 instead of 13 x 19) of the print that was not only cheaper, but the shipping cost was cheaper, too.  Score!  I could get two prints (one for me and one for Mason's grandma) for only $19.  They were in my cart so fast.
And then they arrived.  And something amazing happened.  Instead of receiving the smaller prints, I actually received the larger prints.  I feel guilty that this mistake happened, but it would have been more expensive to send it back and get the smaller version anyway, so I am just counting myself lucky.
A few short weeks later, we finally got the masterpiece hung on the wall, and here it is.
I hung it in our hallway right around the corner from our dining area.  You can see it as you come through our laundry room.  Here are some before and after pictures for context.
And yes, we DO think Mason is kind of a big deal around here!

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Miranda said...

that is really cute! my 16 month olds name is Mason as well and he pretty much is the 'big deal around here' he runs this place...maybe i'll have to look into getting one as well