Wednesday, August 31, 2011


If I hadn't decided to get fancy, this post would have happened weeks ago.
But alas, I have finally hemmed the bedroom curtains.  Check!  I didn't cut any length off the bottom, but instead I decided to just fold it under to make a wide hem.  This worked out great, because it created a 4 or 5 inch band at the bottom which looked really nice.  I also decided that I would finish the look with a double seam, so it ended up looking like this.
As pleased as I was with the look, this was the sole reason that this project took me so long.  Seriously...isn't this a pattern around here?  I started the second panel, and successfully completed the first seam.  Then, a few inches into the second seam, I RAN OUT OF THREAD!
What?  My first thought was that this is just a few inches from the floor.  Would anyone besides me notice?  No, they wouldn't.  But I would know, and it would bug me.  Okay, I thought to myself.  I'm sure I have some more thread.  So I dug through my thread collection, and would you believe it?  I couldn't find tan.  Not even anything close.
So a few weeks went by (I partially blame Mason) before I could make it to JoAnn to get more thread.  But I finally made it.  I sewed the second seam.  And now one more item is checked of my list.

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