Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Latest Work in Progress

We've taken on a new project.  One that is unlike anything that we have ever taken on before.  I am proud to finally announce that I am heavily involved in creating a new human life.  Yep!  I'm pregnant.  I have taken some time to announce it on the blog, so I'm actually 21 weeks already, due mid-July.  And we also know we are expecting a little boy.  (Wow - the moment you see your little baby on the ultrasound screen is so amazing.  Whether you find out the sex of your child at that time or not, it is just so magical to see them in there with their own little personality already!)
For those of you who have had children, this will likely be no surprise to you, but I can hardly begin to explain how tired pregnancy has made me.  This was especially true around weeks 7-12 (November and December), when I could barely get myself off the couch, let alone blog!  I am fortunately feeling much more energetic, though I still am enjoying an 8:45 pm bedtime.  And remember my New Year's resolution?  Well, that was not without it's reasons.  I am hot on the trail to organize our guest room, which will become the nursery, but also to organize ALL THE CLUTTER IN THE ENTIRE HOME.  Having recently completed our taxes (believe it or not this is early for me!), I have now made it my mission to redo our filing system.  I hate filing with a passion, but I think I'm on to something.  Other items I aim to conquer include sorting through our books and dvds, and transferring all our boxed storage in the basement to totes.
But enough about organizing.  That is something that other people have figured out and I am just trying to figure out. I'm sure you're all wondering more about the pregnancy.  Well, here are a couple of photos that have documented progress.
I'm looking forward to sharing more of my experiences throughout pregnancy as well as some of our plans for welcoming our new little one.  I have nursery inspiration and ideas to share, as well as some projects that we need to attack in the next couple of months.  And with the task of completing a baby registry coming up, I'm welcoming advice or products that you moms either can't live without or feel are too overrated.  Wish us luck on our latest adventure!

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