Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Place for Everything

In our house, the way it was built, there wasn't an immediate way for me to see myself head to toe before I left the house.  On top of that, the bathroom counter in the master bedroom is extra high, so my usual approach of checking out the bottom half by standing on the counter was a little more dangerous than before, not to mention lacked headroom. So the easy fix was to pick up one of those cheap-o $5 full length mirrors from Target.  Which is exactly what we did.  And what we did with that mirror once we got it was...nothing.  Well, actually we moved it from room to room, leaning it up against various walls, hiding it behind various doors, etc.  For months.  This was bad, because our cheap-o mirror was starting to warp from the care we had given it.  So continuing my motivation that comes from my mother's haunting words, I finally found a place for it to make permanent residence - the back side of my closet door (which is actually in our master bathroom).
All it took was command adhesive strips.  Super easy.  I picked up a package of the 5 pound strips, and yes, I used all 6 in the package, but I would be willing to bet that was overkill.  I just didn't have anything better to do with the remaining strips so I just stuck them on for good measure.  And just like that, our nomadic mirror has a new home.  And now I'm happy.
One additional note, I didn't measure when doing this project, or ask for help from anyone.  I did what my mom and I call "ball-eyed" and the rest of the world calls "eye-balled" it.  And it's crooked.  But I'm just going to look past that, and if it bugs me in the end I'll splurge for new adhesive.

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