Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A mere 9 days after I posted my paint swatches for the nursery, I have...drumroll please...made a decision.  The winner is...
The color is called 'Tightrope' and it's the middle one in the swatch.  I grabbed the sample from Lowe's and I think it is by Olympic, although we might have to color match to something no-VOC. In the words of a coworker, "It took you that long to choose beige?"  Uh, yes.  But there's a little more to the story than that.  I actually bought some fabric for the room as well (can you believe it???), so I was trying to match the undertones.
Ironically, these two fabrics match the current color of the room, but I still feel like painting just to make it different from the rest of the house.  One of these fabrics will become the drapes, and I plan on using the other for the crib skirt, but I haven't decided which will be which, yet.  I am still looking for more fabrics to use for other DIY elements, and I'm thinking that I will probably accent with pops of red.  I also am really liking the trim detail in this nursery from my favorite show ever Sarah's House, but our ceilings aren't as high as these so I don't know if it would have the same effect.
I am still mulling that one over.  Now that I've made up my mind on paint though, I'm really itching to get started on it.  I have heard that blue is a really hard color to cover so I think we are going to start out with primer.  If all goes well, we will attack that on Saturday.  And by we, I mean my loving husband of course.  He did say that he would do anything I wanted!  He may regret that, but he did say it.
When we get the painting done, the next project I have in mind for the room is to refinish a dresser/changing table.  When my grandmother passed away, I inherited all of my mom's furniture from when she was a girl, and I've been saving it to use for my children.  I just want to update the color and the hardware.  The dresser is currently painted a pea soupy green color but the top is wood (probably a veneer or laminate or something), so I'm thinking leaving the wood top and painting the whole thing plain white.  As for other projects, I don't have a running list per se, but I am keeping my eyes keenly peeled for ideas.  Sensing that I am in the midst of an energy spike, I'm trying to take advantage of that and get as much done now as I can, before third trimester exhaustion sets in!

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