Monday, March 14, 2011

So Many Options

I went to Lowe's the other day to pick up a couple of paint swatches.  This is what I ended up with:
There's only about 50 swatches up there in really about two colors.  I'm feeling the creams and the pale olives.  Where is that coming from? addiction to Sarah's House.  And did I find any fabrics that coordinate with these colors?  So apparently what I haven't learned from Sarah's House is to start with the fabric scheme and choose the fabrics from that.  No, I haven't learned anything at all.  I've only confirmed the fact that I am ridiculously indecisive.
Somewhere right in the middle there is my favorite color - Olive White.  It looks neutral in some lights and green in other, and I don't really know why I'm drawn to it, but I am.  I am caught between the idea of creating a color palette (aka playing designer) with fabric first, then building the room from there, or just winging it based on things I like, because in reality, I'm not a designer, but just a regular person.  I'm interested in making quick and frugal decisions, so I think my next step is another trip to the fabric store.  If I end up with no luck there, then I may just commit to the "wing it" plan.

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