Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Would You Wear Pants Like This?

These are the curtains that I ended up with in my living room.

And my bedroom.  (The picture is the best I had.  Can you see the sliver of them over there?)

And in both places, this is how they have hung for the past few weeks.

A friend and non-sewer who is preparing her home for an open house (and hopefully sale, we're praying!), asked if I would help her hem curtains that she and her husband recently put up.  Of course, I said, and so last Thursday she came over and in approximately 15 minutes, we had the job done.  15 minutes.  That's what I spent hemming someone else's curtains, that I don't even see.  And my curtains?  Pooling on the floor, getting dusty, and looking a hot mess.
So I fixed the problem and hemmed them.  It took me around 30 minutes to do 2 panels, but they look so much nicer now that they are the proper length.  The best part is, I used hemming tape so I didn't even have to flip on the sewing machine.  How easy was that?
First you iron a hem into the curtain panel at the desired length.  In my case, I was shortening them by 9 inches.
Then you insert the hem tape into the crease, and iron it again.  Can you see it in there?  It's basically clear netting...I may not have gotten the best snapshot.
Cut the excess fabric off.  The end will look nice and clean.
Then I just popped the curtains back on the rod and voila!  Job's done.  They look great, and now the hit at the perfect length!

I am always amazed at my powers for procrastination.  Even if a project will only take an hour, just starting it seems like such a big job.  I mean, I had to take the curtains off the rod, walk 15 feet to the ironing board, plug in the iron, wait for it to heat up...  Real big tasks like that.  *wink*
One more thing that I can cross off my list.  What's next?  Maybe a knitting project.  Maybe a sewing project (I heard here that April is stash busting month).  Maybe I'll cook something fabulous, or even keep working on setting up home.  Stay tuned...

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