Friday, April 9, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream

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Last night I had a dream that people were actually reading my blog.  And leaving comments.  It was really strange.  I guess most people would argue that the point of having a blog would be so that other people could read my thoughts and opinions on different topics, or maybe see the projects I have completed, or even just to see the general happenings of my life.  Well, that would be fine, but that would also assume that I have told more than 4 people that I actually HAVE this blog.  Which I haven't.  I'm a little bit private and scared when it comes to the internet.  Maybe someday I will get good at this and I will stop being shy and someday I will get a comment.  And it won't make me feel weird.  It will just make me feel *FAMOUS* (which, honestly, even though in my dream there were only like 8 comments, is how I felt).
Tonight I have another interesting experience ahead of my.  My husband and I are going to be prom chaperones. I still have my prom dress from 10 years ago.  Do you think it would be appropriate to wear it?  Yeah, I don't think so.  But, since it is prom tonight, I have to go get fancy.  So shower and shave, uh-huh.

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