Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Bye, Charlie Brown

First let me start by saying, sorry all those of you who get a real Christmas tree every year, I am in the fake tree camp. Second, as I mentioned here, our Christmas tree is from 1988.  Let's just say, it was pretty sparse.  It's seen better days.
But that all stops now.  WE GOT A NEW TREE!  I was just telling my husband that I think this is one of the few purchases that we are both thrilled with.  Often in our decision making, one of us ends up a little happier than the other, but with this purchase, we both love our decision.  The tree is lush, lightly flocked, and complete with a few fake pine cones for whimsy.  Here are a few pictures of it coming together.
It's prelit.  Love that fact.  Some of the lights are clear, some are frosted, and some...wait for it...twinkle!  I'm over the moon.  Who knew it would take something so simple?  Anyway.  Another thing I may not have shared on the old blog is that I love Christmas ornaments.  Or Christmas balls, to be more specific.  I have a zillion.  In many colors.  Although I am missing green, orange, and yellow (if they can be found), but I will get them too, in due time.  Each year, I devise a new color scheme, and this year I have chosen turquoise and tomato.  Okay, red, but I like the sound of tomato better. I did sprinkle in a few other favorite ornaments, but here is the finished product.

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