Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Problem Solver

Let me tell you a little story.  You are the main character who has come to my house for a visit, and I am the hostess. We are having a fabulous time.  I am providing an endless supply of fabulous food and drink.  After several hours, you need to excuse yourself to use the facilities.  Upon completing your business and washing your hands, your fabulous time comes to an end with the awkwardly placed hand towels.  Wop wop.  That is the sad ending to my story.  I know, I know, I should have been a writer!  Anyway, here are the pictures to illustrate my story.
So here's what happens in the non-fiction version.  You wash your hands, then they either drip all over the floor and toilet in order for you to dry them, or they have to drip dry forever before you reach for the towel.  The reason behind this is that we hung the hand towels on the regular towel bar, because we replaced the towel bar with the hooks you may remember from this post.  (Note:  this picture is from the master bath.  The 'story' takes place in the hall bath.  The same hooks were installed both places.)  I finally realized how annoying it was, so on a recent trip to Lowe's, on our anniversary no less, we solved the problem.  And a few screws later, we now have this.
I feel kind of weird saying this, but I love the result.  I don't have to drip my hands across the entire bathroom in order to dry them off.  And I think the little holder that we picked out is so cute.  We did see several toilet paper holders that looked similar, but I assure you, this was meant for hand towels.  On second thought, would I care if it were a TP holder if it did the trick?  Probably not.
Anyway...that's the end of that story.  We do have another little bathroom problem and solution that cropped up over the weekend, but we are in the middle of waiting for some warranty drywall repair on our home and want to do ALL the touch up paint at once, so I'm saving that project for next week.  Until next time, look forward to more adventures in bathrooming!

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