Friday, June 11, 2010

We Up and Went to Florida

We just spent the last week in Florida - me attending a conference for work and Byron to work on his tan.  It was such a great week.  Sparing you the conference details (I do work in IT after all), here are just a few moments we captured.
This is us in front of our hotel, the Walt Disney World Dolphin.  Even though it's called the Dolphin, there are fish statues everywhere.  Hey Disney, those fish aren't actually fooling us!  Notice the especially white legs in this picture.  This is a picture from the beginning of our trip.

This is the view from our hotel room.  Here you can see four out of five pools.  We spent the majority of our time in the far pool in this picture.  It was really long and ranged between 3-5 feet deep.  In the center, there was a waterfall and a grotto.  Very cool.  Very relaxing.  I think Byron had a permanent spot out there while I was attending the conference.

Finally, this is another view from our hotel room.  The big building on the left is actually the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Later in the week I got the opportunity to ride that...twice.  It was awesome and I could have ridden it 20 more times and screamed just as loud each time.  The big blue magician's hat in the center is where the fireworks show is launched from.  You can't really see anything else of note in this picture.
I hope to post more about our trip soon, and also finish up my experience in quilt binding for those of you so anxiously awaiting that!  (I know you are out!)

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