Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pick A Rug, Any Rug...

Since we moved into the house in March, one of the things i have been on a quest for is the perfect rug.  To me, what makes a rug perfect is just the right combination of design/style and price.  After 3 months of casual searching, the perfect rug is not jumping out at me.  It seems like I find tons of rugs that I like, but they are either way too expensive or no longer available.  For example, this rug and this rug, both of which I love.  So I changed my strategy a little.  Instead of a heavy wool rug that I thought would ground the room, I started looking for something a little lighter (also read, cheaper!).  I was originally inspired to change my game plan by this post, and even though the decision wasn't working for her, I didn't think it was so bad.  Additionally, I started noticing a pattern in some of rooms that I liked - they all had a beachy, airy feel.  I think a lighter, cotton rug will actually give me what I'm looking for better than a heavy wool one would.

So, all that said, I have been searching all over creation and have found a couple of rugs that might meet the requirements I've established for myself.  But because I am non-committal, and still a bit nervous about making such a big decision, I put together some mockups to give me a better idea of whether I would actually like any of my choices.  [Editor's note - forgive my shoddy Photoshop job...I am a newbie!]  My real concern is the color choice, and I don't know that I've solved that problem entirely, but I think this is a start.  See what I mean:
Those are my top 3 choices, in order, right now.  There is one other rug that I found that I also like, though this one is a heavier weight unlike the beachy feel I just described.
So what do you think?  Are any of these rugs speaking to you?  Well if so, please kindly share your thoughts with me.  We indecisive types need all of the feedback and confirmation we can get!

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