Thursday, May 9, 2013


At last I've made it to the last real day of our trip. I bet you are wondering why I even try to consider this a craft/DIY blog anymore. Haha. Someday I will get back to that stuff.
So the final day of our trip was Sunday, and we had booked tickets to SeaWorld. We planned it for Sunday since it was supposed to be the best weather of the trip. In the morning it was a little overcast and even a bit chilly, so I was a bit worried, but fortunately the weather didn't come between us and our fun. It even got quite hot in the afternoon and I think we all left with pink cheeks. But enough about the weather and now for a little recap.
We started off checking out the dolphins.  Mason had actually fallen asleep on the way to SeaWorld (go figure) and so he was a little groggy while we watched the dolphins so we opted not to participate in the feeding. Plus it would have meant holding fish in my bare hands. I was perfectly content to watch.  But seeing these dolphins close up was so cool. This guy literally swam right by me. There is no camera zoom action going on here.  It was really this close!
Yeah, those boys of mine are pretty adorable. After the dolphins we made our way to the aquariums. I think this was highlight number one of Mason's day. He was in heaven and made so many fish noises. (Yes, goldfish was the first animal noise I taught him.) There was everything in here - penguins, sharks, tiny seahorses and jellyfish. This may seem a little sappy to you, but I couldn't help but think while walking through the aquariums of tropical fish and reefs, that some of these things were maybe never even intended for the human eye to see, being located in such deep water sometimes, but God still went to the trouble to make them so beautiful and colorful. Creation just gets me sometimes.
After the aquariums we finally got our act together and saw the dolphin show. It was a good thing, too, because I was starting to think SeaWorld wasn't going to be that cool. Oh no, it is that cool. The dolphin show, while I don't have any pictures, was amazing. It involved things you would see in Cirque du Soleil. I was so mesmerized, that's probably why I forgot to pull out my camera. This show made it all worth it though. I would highly recommend getting to the dolphin show if you ever go to SeaWorld.
I have to point out one other little fact about our day, so I don't forget. They had roller coasters there, which we obviously didn't ride since we were there for Mason, but he was obsessed with watching them. He thought they were choo-choos (trains), which he is also obsessed with. We would watch the roller coaster cars slowly climb up the hill, pause at the top, and then come whooshing down. Mason could probably have done that all day long.
At one point as we were walking, one of the staff was out with this bird (which I believe is a macaw). I literally said to Mason and Byron this is how you know I love him, because I HATE birds. But we went up and saw it.
What you don't realize is that about 10 seconds after this picture was taken the bird cawed really loud in my ear and I flipped. Ran away trembling is what some may have called it. And there Byron is, laughing away. Somehow I managed to recover from my very traumatic experience.
We also got the chance to meet some of the Sesame Street characters. Mason really wanted to go see them, and I was worried that after we stood in line to meet them he would be scared of them, but nope! We have one brave little boy on our hands. He loved it! I think he was even signing more to me when our turn was done.
Above, Mason enjoying his photo op with Elmo, Zoe, and the gang. Below we were watching the song and dance that the characters performed.
Mason begged to ride the carousel, but in typical Mason form, once we got on it he was less than thrilled. We ended up just riding on the bench because we really couldn't get off until the ride ended, so this is Mason's "get me out of here" face.
The last thing we did before we called it a day was to take in the Sea Lion and Otter show, but by then Mason had just about had it. We only stayed for half of it before we realized it was just time to get home. We walked the River Walk one last time, enjoyed dinner at an English Pub, and then made our way back home the next morning. So far, I'm calling this the best family vacation we have had to date. I definitely think it helped us to have a loose agenda with some places we wanted to scope out. Much thanks to this city guide that helped me find some cool places. (They have tons of other cities, too!) If we hadn't done a little research, we probably would have walked the River Walk every day and ended up a little bored. This trip has awakened in me a love for travel and I am very excited for all the adventures my family and I will go on in the future!

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