Thursday, May 23, 2013


Tonight really was just an evening, like any other.  The one difference? I remembered to grab my camera!
Byron had gone to his parents' house so that he could mow their lawn. Yes, he tries to get over there and take care of them as much as he can. Everyone say awwww.  He is so good to them.  So that left Mason and I home alone.  Mason loves to be outside, and quite honestly, it is nice to be able to keep him happy.  And if we are outside, I don't have to listen to the tv or help with the ipad.  We can just play. And I like to see my boy's adventurous spirit. He helps me build mine, too, since it is not really my natural tendency to choose to be outside.
So Grandma helped us plant some flowers, we played with sidewalk chalk, and we looked for ats (ants).  To be honest, we do this most nights.  Maybe not plant flowers, my garden bed is getting kind of full.
I sure do love that boy of ours.  Are you ready to fall in love with him too?  Check out this next picture.
Oh my goodness!  That face!  He has my heart.  I know as mom, I am supposed to think my child is the cutest.  And the smartest.  And the... And you know what?  I do!  Gush gush gush gush gush.

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