Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Tree for Mason

I can't remember when I started thinking this, but somewhere along the line I got it in my head that I wanted to do something that would celebrate the birth of my babies (I'm talking current and future, here).  Okay, when I wrote that sentence I realized that this could mean almost anything and that probably every current and future parent thinks the same way.  Sometimes I'm obvious.  Okay, but what I really meant, was a little something more permanent.  I would keep you in suspense, but I think the post title gives it away.  I'm talking about a tree.  This may be a little sentimental, but I think it is so cool to have a living, growing thing that can grow and change with my baby.  And someday, he'll know that the tree is just for him.  And someday, he'll probably climb it, fall out of it, and end up with a broken arm, but it will still be his tree full of his memories.
Byron agreed fairly quickly, as our backyard is a pretty blank slate and could use a little interest, but what tree do we plant?  Last fall, when I was still working additional jobs, we took a trip up to Minnesota with the band for a competition. They had the most beautiful yellow trees that had small, umbrella shaped leaves.  I don't usually have feelings like this, but I think I really fell in love with the tree.  I actually took a leaf home with me and then googled around to figure out what it was.  Turns out it was a ginkgo tree, which I had never actually heard of before.  The only stipulation that Byron had placed on me was that he didn't want a tree so big that it would cause foundation problems.  It turns out that this tree is pretty slow growing and will take about 70 years to reach maturity, so if foundation problems ever occur, we probably won't be alive to deal with them.  So he agreed that we could get the ginkgo (though we had it planted plenty of distance from the house to be safe).
So off to Earl May, where we happened to have a gift card, to see if they had the tree, and fortunately they did.  They were even running a planting special.  Score!  We paid for the tree, they took care of locating the power lines (a step that had completely not occurred to me) and a few weeks later, our tree is in the ground.  I would say Mason loves it, but since he's still pretty clueless, I'll just say that his mama sure does!
This is the before picture.  Side note:  I love my neighbors but I don't particularly love their fence.
Here is the during picture.  I had a sleeping baby and a barking puppy, so it's the best I could get.
And now here is my glorious new view off our back porch.  I mean, it has the potential to be glorious.  Right now it's just cute.
This is the view from the neighbor's yard looking back at our house.  See how bland our backyard is?  We have plans, my friends, big plans.  They are reserved for the future.
Below are the leaves that I just find adorable.  It is true that they turn the most beautiful golden yellow shade when they turn, but I have heard that all the leaves fall within a day.  That could be interesting, but nonetheless, I love Mason's tree!

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