Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year's valentines celebration was pretty low key for us, mostly because I've still been fighting this killer cold.  It makes me not so eager to make a big deal out of the holiday.  Basically when I'm sick I get really selfish.  I had originally planned to make a *romantic* dinner complete with pink and white heart shaped pasta, but when my mom mentioned she was making potato soup, I saw an opportunity to get out of cooking and invited us over.  We can have the heart pasta tomorrow, I guess.
We were not total haters, though.  My valentine did wake me up with a sweet surprise of something that I had wanted for a while...this print from Persimmon and Pink.

The funny thing is, I almost bought that for him.  Wouldn't that have been something?  But since I've got budget on the brain, I had to get creative for his present.  But back to this.  I already had the perfect frame for it - a wedding present that we had never used - and the perfect spot.  I wanted to hang it in our bathroom so that it would be the first thing we saw as we walked in.  And this is what it looks like in place.
I love it.  It makes the [bland] space much cheerier.
When I thought of what to get Byron, I got creative.  I downloaded two of these prints, which were a freebie.  I uploaded them to my account at Walgreens and had them printed and mailed to me for under $5.  I could have done it for even cheaper, but I decided to enlarge them a bit and I also ordered them with a matte finish.  But really, I was pleased with how they turned out.
After a week of birthday and valentines presents, we now have 4 new prints for the house, 1 of which is actually framed and hung the same day we got it!  Not bad!
I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day, whether it was low key like ours was or something super special.

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Alecia said...

I love this! Lindsey might be surprised to see it duplicated in our home someday. :)