Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This is us, moments after putting our form in the mail!
It's called the I-600A, the application for advance processing of orphan petition.  And as of last Friday, ours is officially in the mail.  Gathering the information for this filing wasn't too intense - not like gathering the past 7 years of financial records and notarizing multiple copies of every official document ever - but one of the requirements for filing this petition was our completed home study.  And after waiting several months and finally getting those last signatures, it came in the mail last week.

It feels awesome to cross yet another step in this process off our list, but I won't lie - this one feels a bit insignificant.  I do understand its importance, but here is our current reality.  This paperwork will get processed, and they will make an appointment for us to get fingerprinted.  The bummer here is that we've already been fingerprinted once, and I'm not quite sure why all the fingerprinting people can't just share.  But that aside, we'll get fingerprinted.  Let's say it takes a couple of weeks for them to process our application and make our appointment.  Then it will take another few weeks for them to analyze our results, at which point they will send us our approval.  Best case scenario this will be completed in a month, but more realistically, I'm expecting two.  And then, only then, will we get to file yet another paperwork that will finally finally put us on the waiting list.

The other stressful thing about this all is making sure we are filling out these documents correctly.  We double (triple) checked everything, but I still get that same feeling when submitting important documentation - did I fill everything out correctly?  It's definitely a source of anxiety for me.

So keep us in your prayers.  We knew when we signed up for this that we'd be running a marathon, not a sprint.  We are anxiously awaiting our next, slightly bigger goal, which is to get on that waiting list to get our chance to meet our little one!

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Kyli said...

Hi Katie,
I found your blog via Sarah Johnson, and noticed we had something very major in common...both adopting from Ethiopia! Congrats! It looks like we may be just a few months ahead of you guys in this process, so I wanted to let you know that from the date our I-600A was mailed to approval in the form of our I-171H letter was 6 weeks. However, once you get your appointment for fingerprinting at the federal building, I would suggest just stopping in to see if they can get you in early. It is definitely not busy (especially right when they open each day), and this might speed it up by a week or 2 for you! We ran into a closed federal building during our scheduled fingerprint appointment because of a blizzard, but they told us to just walk in the next day, and we got right in. Our blog address is below, and you can see more of our timeline there if you're interested. Although we don't know you personally, please know that we're definitely praying for your family. This is such an incredible journey, and we are always excited to see how God has called other families into it as well! All the best!