Saturday, October 6, 2012


I started making a quilt for Mason before he was born.  Now, as he is approaching 15 months old, I am nearing the final stages.  I've made yards upon yards of double-fold seam binding.  I swear, I think I made ten yards of this stuff, which is a little bit of overkill considering my quilt is baby sized.  I guess I have plenty now to use for a future project. Or several.
I have to say, I love it when quilts are bound in something unexpected, which is why I generally make my own.  This print isn't actually found anywhere in my quilt, but because of all of the different blues and greens, I think it works nicely.  I hope to share pictures of the finished product in the near future.
I am no expert on making this stuff (by far!), but I generally watch this video in order to help me think through the whole process.  This helped me as well when it came to sewing the stuff and I know this site is really helpful as well.

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