Sunday, April 29, 2012


Since Mason was born 9 months ago, Byron and I had only been on one date.  It's pretty sad, I know.  So I planned a secret date for him.  I bought tickets to a show and arranged for a babysitter weeks in advance, and then just anxiously awaited for the big day to arrive.  It wasn't until the babysitters (our niece & nephew) that I arrived that I told him our plans.  He really thought I was messing with him.  I just like to think I was the wife of the year.
So off we went to a downtown restaurant called Americana.  I had only been once and Byron had never been, and he really liked it.  The only thing that didn't go 100% according to plan was that we ran out of time for dessert!  Oh well.
When dinner was over we zipped to the other side of downtown to catch a show called Memphis.  Oh man, it was so good!  At the end of the first act, I had tears streaming down my face, which is a good sign that I'm into the show.  And then at the end of the second act, I was doing what I like to call listening with my body.  I was pretty much dancing along with the cast from my seat.  I can't help it.  Although we both stayed up way past our bedtimes, it was totally worth it.  I hope that we have another one sometime in the next 4.5 months!

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Miranda said...

yay for date night! they are definitely needed! :)