Sunday, February 3, 2013


We are at the age with Mason where the attention span is generally short.  I have found a few things that can consistently keep his attention for about 15-20 minutes (ahem, Toy Story), but I don't like to rely on TV for that too much.  So I have been trying to come up with activities to try with Mason that will be new and fun.  At least for a few minutes.
So I'm sure I saw this on the Internet somewhere, and I'm sure many people have done this before, but for my first activity with Mason, we tried a version of no mess finger painting.
Step 1:  Scoop some paint into a large Ziploc.  In my case, I had some sort of Crayola washable paint, but I'm sure almost anything would work.
Step 2:  Tape to window.
Step 3:  Go to town.
This activity probably lasted us about 15 minutes, which is a win in my book.  We have done it twice so far, and I have to admit the second time wasn't quite as exciting.  But I'm hoping that it was just Mason's mood and that we will be able to do this activity more often.  This is a pretty big change from the kind of craft projects I did before Mason, but that's okay, I'll take this any day.  I am looking forward to finding and trying new activities and projects with my little toddler in mind.  (Note:  water color painting didn't fair so well with us!)

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Miranda said...

i've seen this around and i think i really need to do it! i will take anything that will keep the toddler satisfied!