Thursday, November 4, 2010

Come on, peephole

This post could alternately be titled What a Hoot.
I am sitting on the couch again, though this time I don't feel quite as worthless, when to my internet-browsing eyes should appear an interesting sight.
To which I turned the computer toward Byron and said, "Should we get a peephole?"
It doesn't happen very often, but he had no response.  I guess the best way I could describe his response was a silent giggle.  He gathered his composure, and to my surprise, said he actually like the owl.  (There was also a chick and a flower, that I saw.)  Now truthfully, installing a peephole in our front door reminds me a little too much of a hotel or apartment.  Do people in real houses actually have these?  Just a few weeks after we moved in, our neighbors house was robbed (nice welcome to the neighborhood) so I am all for increased security measures, but I don't know if this is the way of going about it.  It is just too humorous.
Image found here.

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